KR 02 – H.P. Lovecraft Bust, Scibor Monstrous Miniatures

Hey Crusaders,

another kit review here. This time I take a look at the H.P. Lovecraft bust by Scibor Miniatures. But don’t get fooled by the name, this thing is not really a miniature, it’s huge, over 20cm tall!

First let’s take a look in the box. I already removed the packing material to have a better look.

Almost missed this detail, it’s a huge sticker with some nice artwork of the bust on it. Unfortunately the bust parts were pushed against the sticker during transport and there is now a small hole in it. But yeah, that can happen, and it’s only a small additional extra, so no big loss.

All the pieces out of the box. As I said before, it’s a really big bust. The bust comes in 5 resin pieces: the head, the body, the end of the necktie, a nameplate with Lovecraft’s signature and a piece of a woodplank as a base.

The overall casting quality is very good. Only some minor cleanups are necessary.
The whole bust is not really smooth, but due to the huge size I think that it fits pretty well here. I think the roughness is an interesting detail to paint later and this also catches the horror character of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Really rough and big hair areas in combination with very small and delicate hair areas. Also some small mould lines, but not problem to clean.

The name tag with the signature. Really nice detail here.

This was pretty tricky. The necktie is floating upwards and it did not make sense to me at first. But after I glued it on at this place it worked. 🙂

The whole bust glued together but without nameplate or wooden base.
All parts fit nicely, I only had to cover some small gaps between head and neck. In addition to glueing I pinned all parts as everything was very heavy and I was afraid that the head might fall off, when someone would be not so careful with the bust.
I really like the tentacles, it almost looks like he is moving forward with them if you look at him from the side. 🙂


A really cool bust with a nice transition from tentacles to clothing, I think you can experiment a lot there. Very big parts and I think not so easy to paint as one might think… We will see when I paint the bust. So if you want to get a copy for yourself, you just have to visit the shop of Scibor.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn
Sebastian 🙂

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