KR 03 – Ouroboros Tales, Ouroboros Miniatures

Hey Crusaders,

another quick kit review here. But this time really just a short one 🙂 I’m going to take a look at both Ouroboros Tales minis by Ouroboros Miniatures, crowdfunded via Kickstarter. I pledged for both 54mm orcs and was pretty happy when I unpacked them. But let’s take a look at them.

Everything nicely secured. Just how it should be.

I don’t know why everybody is using those packages… I just can’t manage to open them without destroying the locks. Or am I just untalented? 😀 Anyway. On the left “The Shaman” and on the right “The Brave“.

So this is what the shaman looks like in parts. you get a total of 6 sprues and the body. In total the kit consists of 25 resin parts (I hope I counted correctly) 😀

Very nice details here. He’s wearing the skin of a crocodile as armor. The crocodile skin even has a super fine detailed skin texture. Such a cool kit! The head is only fixed with Pattafix, so don’t be surprised.


And now to the brave. He is standing, so a bit taller than the shaman and consists of 13 +2 parts. The caster confused two tiny little detail parts for dirt and did not cast them the first time. But they got sent later and I must say, they are really tiny 🙂


Detail shots of the brave, also a nice skin texture and so many tiny details. Such a grumpy face, I would not want to meet him in the dark 🙂


As you can see on the pictures both kits are extremely detailed and there are almost no mould lines. They are cast by GRX Creations, I already had some miniatures that were cast by them and they always do an excellent job. But both miniatures come without a building instruction which makes them hard to build for unexperienced painters…
I think they are still working on their site so if you want to get a copy you have to contact them directly via FB: Ouroboros Miniatures

See you next time

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