Hey Crusaders,

another finished bust this time. 🙂 This bust was painted as a study for my airbrush.
I wanted to get used to working with an airbrush and I decided to try to paint a whole bust with it. Well at least the face and the clothes are painted with the airbrush, so most of it. 😉
I think I could add a little more highlights but I really like the smooth look of the face, a nice contrast to the evil orc.

Einstein“, Figone
Size: about 55mm


I gave him a little head surgery, he luckily survived. 😀 I also gave him some bolts, screws and cogs as piercings. I really enjoyed decorating him.

Hope you like him. 🙂 For me he was a good exercise with the airbrush and I thinks it was the fastest paint job I did, because I was so focused and I could not stop the painting.

Until next time,

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