Reclaim Sector 7G-221a

Hiho Crusaders,

this time with a little story and a finished miniature.

“Reclaim Sector 7G-221a” I thought we already captured it three days ago, but it looks like I am wrong and that was just a different sector, or was it? Anyway, they all look same to me: Destroyed and worthless. But command is command, we will capture it, by all available means…

Death Korps of Krieg Plasmagunner“, Forgeworld
Size: 1:55, about 28mm

I tried to create a ruined city piece and did some experiments with resin water which horribly failed. But I managed to cover most damages up.


This piece was also my first try to paint an OSL effect. I think it’s ok, but I already know what to I can do better next time. Work cleaner and a bit brighter 🙂

I enjoyed weathering all the metal parts. It’s so awesome, you can just slap paint on and don’t have care about much. 😀


This is definitely not the last Death Korps I will paint as they are really creepy yet nice to paint.

Hope you like this one and see you next time.

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