Workshop Review: Jar’s Advanced Class

Hey Crusaders,

another workshop review from my side. But this time without many pictures as I was so focussed on painting 🙂

Again for you lazy readers 😉 tl;dr:
Don’t attend this class if you can’t handle that your brain might explode. A class that is not really about technique or improving skill but about improving your whole approach to miniature painting. You will most likely change your view on everything and maybe even change your whole painting style after it. So.. much.. knowledge… on just one weekend.
100% recommended after you attended a Beginner Class (you just need to know the basics) and if you want to improve your painting.

So, where do I start?
We arrived Friday in Blumberg, we were stuck in traffic and were afraid that we would arrive late, but we were there at around 17:30, so just in time for the class that should start at 18:00.
…yes should start, I think it would be the first class to start on time 😀
But yeah… someone (Roman 🙂 ) came late and two more students arrived at 20:00 due to heavy traffic.
But Roman was all relaxed, as the timetable was not so strict as during a Beginner Class. So after everybody arrived we had dinner and we finally started with an introduction about advanced basebuilding and building of a gaming base.

After the presentation the day was already over and to be honest I was a little, well not disappointed, but at least a little bit underwhelmed, as I already heard some of the topics during other classes and I missed the steep learning curve I experienced during the Beginner Class.
Roman said that the class usually already paints something on Fridays, but due to the late start he did not want to rush the people and planned it for Saturday morning.

After the Saturday breakfast we started to paint and I was awarded with my desired learning curve… The first thing we did was a presentation about advanced color theory, mixing colors and how they behave when you add grey or complementary colors. Already something new for me. After the presentation we began to paint.
First task was already pretty hard. “Paint your own skin tone with only red, blue, yellow, black and white.” At first I thought, that I can’t do that… It’s simply not possible to mix skin tone. But after I tried and tried and asked Peter for some tips, I somehow finally achieved it. And it was like my brain started melting. It was so amazing, I just wanted to try it again. So I started a second time and was so enthusiastic I totally screwed up the colors this time and it took me even longer then the first, but in the end it worked again. Proud that I achieved this task I already knew the class was totally worth to attend.

That’s all you need to paint 🙂
(Ok, you need a black too :D)

Next to the famous wolves. If you read the Massive Voodoo blog frequently like I do, you might have seen those already. The task here was to study the picture and to copy it with again only red, blue, yellow, black and white. This time I started fearless, because for me, the skin task was much more difficult than this one, and to be honest, I really like my result.

Then another wolf had to be painted. This time with a different atmosphere. We had to think how the cold wolf will change if he is in the atmosphere of the picture. I received a very yellowish picture, so all the blue parts of the wolf would change to green and everything would get a yellow and green filter.

Then we began with the basebuilding and the miniature. We all received the same miniature by Hasslefree, Conan eh, I mean Tregar. 🙂 I imagined him walking down to a dungeon in the night and with a torch illuminating him from the right side and a bit lower than he is standing on the base.

I wanted to challenge myself even further and decided to paint everything again only with 5 colors (well except the metals of course) and I must say, even if it took me longer because I had to mix so often, it worked in the end and it was a really great learning piece.


So in the end everybody painted a very atmospheric miniature and for me the class was excellent. As I said before, the class will not improve your smoothness or other painting skills, but that’s not what the class is about. It’s about understanding colors, analyzing color tones and a better overall viewing on how to paint. The rest you can achieve by exercising, but here you get Roman’s concentrated knowledge. 🙂 So if you have the chance to attend the class, do it!

The result of the other students. All were very close to classic Conans but still unique.


Love the Hulkfro. Total crazy conversion and so funny.

And my result. Roman said it reminds him of a classic heavy metal cover, I see the Diablo 2 Barbarian going down to the Chaos Sanctuary to slay the Lord of Terror himself 🙂

Until next time and have fun with colors 🙂

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