Workshop Review: MassiveVoodoo’s Speedpainting Masterclass

Hi fellow Crusaders,

another Workshop I’ve visited and another review for you.
This time it was just a short one, we only painted one Saturday, so this review will be rather short too. I visited the MassiveVoodoo’s Speedpainting Masterclass where we learnt to paint some Zombicide Zombies in a real short time with a proper and nice paint job for the gaming table.

For the lazy ones: tl;dr:
Funny and short class. You will learn what parts of a gaming miniature can be painted quick and dirty, where you should leave the most focus and what kind of other secrets you can use. All while painting the miniature in 15 minutes.

After a short introduction it began rather unusual. Roman sat down and painted a miniature in 15 minutes without any comment. After that he painted a second one with a little more time and commented what he did and why he did that. It was really inspiring to see how quickly and easy it can go. 🙂

Our teacher starting to paint. 🙂

Roman’s finished Zombie.

After that we did a little lunch break and the we had the opportunity to paint some zombies ourselves. But first we had to do some tiny conversions to them. Nothing to difficult, like a repositioning of some arms or a little head swap between two models.

Prepared for some priming. The female Zombie on the right got her arm position changed and the male on the left and in the middle got their heads changed.

And for the rest of the day we painted. And painted. And painted. And painted. 😀
We received some Zombies from Roman and he encouraged us to paint in our own speed and as I was really expectant how fast I can go I started with 30 minutes on the timer for my first one and went faster and faster and was at 20 minutes at the last one, but I stopped the timer when I used the hairdryer.

All painted in less than 30 minutes.


After another break Roman set a timer at 21 or was it 23 minutes?! Well, it was really short. 😀 And the whole class including Roman sat down and we painted a miniature all together. It was a really funny but also stressful experience. 🙂

The first four zombies.

Summarising I can say it was a cool experience and if you have to paint a lot miniatures in a short time, this is the class you have to visit!

Some finished Zombies Roman did for the Massive Voodoo Community Project. If you want you can help them too! They need all your brainz for a huge zombie project.
If you want to get more info check out the Massive Voodoo blog here: MV Zombie Community Project

I also tried to paint some more Zombies in 20 minutes during a live stream, you can find that here:
20 Minutes for a Zombie Video

Until the next time and have some fun with colors!

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